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Nuclear energy is not a climate solution.

All new nuclear reactors take 10-19 years or more between planning and operation, and costs 4-5 times per kWh as new wind or solar energy.

There is no such thing as a zero- or close-to-zero emission nuclear power plant. Even existing plants emit due to the continuous mining and refining of uranium needed for the plant. All plants also emit from the water vapor and heat they release. This is in contrast with solar panels and wind turbines.

Report on Safer Radioactive Waste Storage ‬

Regarding the storage of spent nuclear waste, NRWC advocates for hardened on-site storage (HOSS). This interim report commissioned by NRWC member organization, Citizens Awareness Network (CAN), sets forth a strategy for robust storage of US radioactive “spent” fuel. This strategy should be implemented as a major element of a defense-in-depth strategy for US civilian nuclear facilities. In turn, that defense-in-depth strategy should be a component of a homeland-security strategy that provides solid protection of our critical infrastructure.